Promoting tourism in the region of Castilla y León with three new projects for local councils

Captura de pantalla de los portales web

We have developed and improved the tourism platforms of the Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) and Villarcayo (Burgos) town councils. 

At Altia, we continue to make our mark as a leading provider of tech services and solutions in the tourism industry. On this occasion, we have launched new portals for the town councils of Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) and Villarcayo (Burgos). 

Cervera de Pisuerga Town Council: new eVisit destination

Through Bilbomática, an Altia Company, we have developed the Cervera de Pisuerga Town Council tourism platform, which features attractive content with images and videos. It structures the information in four main areas: Cultural Heritage, Nature, Hikes and Events. The platform also allows visitors to check all the hotels in the town easily and quickly.

This new project is part of the regional strategy led by Agrupación Comarcal de Desarrollo Montaña Palentina, an association working on the development of the local mountain area. The project aims to promote tourist attractions in the region through new technologies in a unified, efficient and sustainable way.

Villarcayo Town Council portal launch 

The Villarcayo Town Council entrusted us with the launch of both their municipal portal and their tourist portal

The municipal portal was launched following a strategy based on making the most of existing IT systems. In this case, we were able to use eVisitar capabilities to develop the web portal, which makes offering service information to citizens and the business community a quick and easy task in a user-friendly and fast environment.

The Council’s tourism web platform shows a firm commitment to make Villarcayo one of the tourist hubs of the Las Merindades region, following the regional tourism strategy led by CEDER Merindades, a local rural development NGO. In this project, the platform structure has five main areas: Get to know us, What to visit, Plan your visit, Culture and Events. 

The eVisitar platform allowed us to address different needs using one tech solution, streamlining management processes and minimising the time spent on recruiting the staff involved in the project. Furthermore, the systems are integrated in a natural and simple way, allowing information to travel in both directions. 

eVisitar is the eTourism solution designed by Bilbomática, an Altia Company, for tourist offices, offering a management system that meets their needs and optimises their processes. 

Tourist offices can leave the technological part to our team and focus on promotion and management. eVisitar automatically ensures that the contents generated appear in all eTourism channels.