Bilbomática is an official EasyVista Gold Partner. This is the highest possible level of partnership with EasyVista, which enables us to work on ITSM projects with maximum guarantees.

EasyVista is a complete suite of solutions for IT service management, designed as a Mobile First experience right from the beginning, without the need for a single line of code, allowing the solution to be implemented very quickly. Bilbomática has knowledge and experience in implementing solutions using various EasyVista products.

  • EasyVista Service Manager:  Service Manager is an integrated service management platform which allows IT professionals to manage the entire life cycle of services. It has a broad range of capabilities, including work flows, integrated processes based on ITIL, service catalogues, integration with third-party applications, and much more. Service Manager administrators can easily create unique profiles by using just the fields that they need, saving weeks’ worth of work
  • EasyVista Service Apps: Service Apps allows employees and other end users to resolve problems, obtain information and request services at any time, from any device. Service Apps can even initiate a service request on a desktop PC and complete it on a mobile phone, or vice versa. Several different services, systems and software can be introduced in EasyVista so that users only have to go to one place, and they will only see what is relevant to them.

With EasyVista, Bilbomática has radically improved the user experience of its service, simplifying and significantly speeding up the creation of services and reducing the overall cost of IT services provided.

Bilbomática has experience in implementing IT service management solutions.

  • Ability to provide a comprehensive service for projects using EasyVista technology
  • Has a team which is up-to-date and certified in both the suite of EasyVista products and in ITSM methodologies.
  • Our team is constantly receiving training and certification.
  • Advanced, professional services in ITSM management.
  • Consultancy and architectural definition services
  • Administration, configuration and parametrization services
  • Personalisation and integration services
  • Migration services
  • Support and maintenance services
  • Training

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