Innovation as part of the strategy to support you in your digital transformation and research, development and innovation.

We have established an R&D&i department within our business model, driving it with a dynamic, consistent and evolutionary process.


At Bilbomática, we have been committed to the process of innovation as a means of generating economic, social, technological and organisational development for many years. Our innovation department's aim is to respond not just to the company’s own innovation requirements, but also to support our clients, companies and institutions.

Within this context, we are committed to active participation in innovation through different reference frameworks for international innovation projects, as well as national and local projects, establishing our position as a leader in the field of research and innovation programmes.

We understand that innovation is a result of accumulated changes and the evolution of processes, products and organisations, which makes it possible to:

  • Generate new products and process.
  • Acquire knowledge and emerging technologies.
  • Develop new markets and new product lines.
  • Modernise the company.
  • Create possibilities for internationalisation.

We participate in inter-company cooperation networks with research centres and universities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, both to the company and to our clients.