Experts in specialist areas and in technology for developing environmental management solutions.

We provide analysis, management and interoperability for environmental data, combining system integration, GIS and advanced data processing and visualisation.

Medio Ambiente

We have a department that is specialised in information systems and is dedicated to environmental issues, with significant experience with European clients, as well as knowledge of EU Environmental Directives.

We combine our knowledge of technology such as GIS, data processing and interoperability, mobile application development and advanced data visualisation to develop projects used in areas such as: Water, biodiversity, marine environments, pollutants, spillages and greenhouse emissions.

Our projects work on aspects such as:

  • Implementing the INSPIRE directive to harmonise spatial data for environmental content;
  • Developing geographic information systems applied to environmental issues;
  • Cartography and development of environmental maps;
  • Citizen participation systems to collect environmental data;
  • Vertical technological solutions for the environment that are appropriate to the business: CMS, ECM, case management, BI, etc. 
  • Implementing information systems so that member states, economic players and the European Commission can implement European environmental directives.

Since 2006, we have been working for the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Commission’s General Directorate for the Environment and Climate Action to manage, process, analyse and publish environmental data in the fields of biodiversity, waste, water and marine environments.

We also work with public and private customers where environmental management is one of the most critical parts of their business processes, as well as with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Ence and the Northern Hydrography Confederation, among others.

Our commitment do the environment is substantiated with our Quality and Environment Management System, certified in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and 14001.

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