We are actively participating in the digital and strategic transformation of the healthcare sector

We have a detailed knowledge of the needs, requirements and specific features of patients and professionals in public and private healthcare organisations.


Working in the public and private healthcare sector for over 15 years has enabled us to discover the particular features of both the public and private sectors and the professionals who work in them, as well as the requirements for interoperability and exchanging information between them.

Our key principles for working in the healthcare sector are:

  • We base our healthcare solutions on an empowered patient who is proactive and connected, and we stand behind personalised, preventative medicine.
  • We apply the principles of today's technological drivers: cloud computing, mobility platforms, integrated with innovative applications for image processing, data collection, and voice recognition and processing.
  • We have tailor-made technological solutions (in the sectors of nursing, mobility, infection control, telemedicine and palliative treatment), products on the market (HIS solutions and healthcare technology), integration between different systems, consultancy etc.

We work with the main healthcare institutions in Spain, such as the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and the Spanish Medication and Healthcare Products Agency, interacting with the rest of the autonomous communities on key projects for the national healthcare system, such as ISTAME, SITHEPAC, SIRHA, SIAE, EXCTEMP, MAC, REDCOVIH, SICN and SIAP.

We have also deployed our products and services in some of the main hospitals, such as the University Clinic of Navarra, the Carlos III Health Institute and the Hospital de Cruces.

Customers with whom we work in projects of Health

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