Documentary Management

We have several success stories behind us throughout the whole of Europe, with varying technologies in the public and private sectors.

We don’t just manage documents: we support you in the transformation process of your business with our knowledge of business and technology.

Gestión Documental

For the last 20 years, our team of experts has got to know your business processes because it understands that Document Management is a necessary means to achieve optimisation. We have developed Document Management projects throughout the whole of Europe, covering the needs of:

  • Regional Public Bodies (councils, authorities, universities);
  • State Public Bodies (Ministries and state authorities);
  • European Union Bodies (European Commission, Agencies and Union bodies);
  • Private companies in various sectors (industry, editorial, energy, real estate, among others).

Through these projects, we have managed to:

  • Improve the management of departments and authorities, providing a unique repository for documents that is catalogued and homogeneous.
  • Increase the efficiency of operational processes, easily locating documents, automating their capture and classification procedures and allowing them to be accessed and distributed to the required parties from any device.
  • Reduce risk, preventing loss or damage, but also facilitating compliance with European laws and regulations.

For this, we offer our experience in open source platforms (Alfresco) and proprietary platforms (SharePoint and Opentext).

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