Public Administration

Dozens of local, national and European authorities have placed their trust in us.

We have spent over 30 years helping to improve services for citizens throughout the whole of Europe.

Administración Pública

ICT services for Public Authorities are one of our core activities. We are one of the main contractors of the General Directorate's Framework Agreement 26 for the Rationalisation of Centralised Public Procurement, and we hold the highest administrative classification to enter into contracts with the AAPP.

We spent tens of thousands of hours working on hundreds of projects to improve services such as the authority's electronic processing and online presence. Together with the Ministry of Finance and Public Authorities in many of the CORA measures taken, we have developed and integrated many common services that are obligatory to adopt, such as: Geiser, Orve, Notifica, FACE, etc.

We place particular emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Knowledge of the requirements and specific features of the public authority. Our experience in electronic processing and online presence supports us in applying technologies and methodologies to cover the needs of the business.
  • Efficiency and quality Our company structure and certified corporate processes allow us to make our technological and business knowledge available for all of our projects and services.
  • Meeting standards We are experts in regulation; we have a team of multi-disciplinary consultants who perfectly understand the legal requirements that our clients, projects and internal processes have to meet.
  • Presence throughout Europe In addition to providing services to public authorities throughout the whole of Spain, we have also shared projects with the European Commission and various European Agencies for the last 15 years. We have a team of 90 experts who provide efficient, high-quality services to 25 European institutions.

Success stories

Customers with whom we work in projects of Public Administration

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