Social Welfare

20 years of bringing social well-being plans and programmes to citizens.

We are experts in providing service management solutions to sectors of social vulnerability.

Bienestar Social

While the policies of social services protect the groups of people in our society who are dependent on others, are marginalised or vulnerable, we are aware that the actual management of these social well-being services is a real challenge for our managers.

We have developed and maintained various management tools used by the Departments of Social Rights and other related public organisations; we have acquired business knowledge and developed over 80 products (Records management systems, intranets or basic social service web pages) in the following areas of the social well-being sector:

  • Care for the elderly, with telematic management of licences, recreation programmes, financial services or applications for assisted living, as well as alarm and communication systems.
  • Care for disabled persons, reducing difficulties in evaluation, implementing measures for accessibility and integrated care. We have developed telematic support systems for processing grants, recognition and evaluation, as well as for managing rehabilitation centres and projects relating to improving accessibility.
  • Family care (grants and subsidies), youth care (supervision and inspection of youth protection) and adoptions (integrated management of adoption and fostering processes), paying particular attention to coordination between organisations and the tools for providing assistance.
  • Women’s care, developing systems for equality plans and plans against gender violence, as well as requests for assistance, associations and the development of training activities.