Business Process Management -BPM

Business Process Management is a key part of digital transformation for companies

We offer our experience in defining and implementing business processes, combined with our close collaboration and knowledge of some of the main products on the market (such as Alfresco Activiti – APS or Bonita) as a guarantee of success.

Negozio prozesuen Kudeaketa-BPM

Over the course of time, Business Process Management has been maturing technologically, providing tools that are becoming more agile every day, as well as simpler and more complete, helping to define and develop processes which improve the efficiency of working methods and help to coordinate the people and teams involved in each business process, separating out the work of process analysts and developers in a way that is transparent for both.

Bilbomática offers a broad range of experience in the life cycle of BPM processes, which is based on 6 steps: “Planning and strategic alignment”, “Process analysis”, “Process design”, “Process implementation”, “Process monitoring” and “Refining processes”. 

Bilbomática forms part of this roadmap from the very beginning, helping our customers to optimise their business processes, combining our experience as a consultant with the selection and utilisation of the best technology available at all times. Reducing costs, agility in implementing new processes and reusing and orchestrating the existing ones are just some of the main benefits obtained.

Definition of processes (experience), modelling (BPMN 2.0), agile development (methodologies and tools), integration (technology), user experience (techniques) and monitoring (KPIs) are the key lines of work with which Bilbomática tackles the process of digitalisation through Business Process Management.