Advanced data analysis of gaming in the Basque Country

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The Information Technology Society of the Basque Government has requested us to formulate a new data analysis model for the Gaming Ordinance area at the Justice Ministry of the Basque Government. The main goal is to create a system that makes the most of all the means available to provide high-value information for the inspection, dissemination, and improvement of the regulation.

This initiative, which combines traditional analysis with advanced techniques such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, identifies several use cases which will spark a series of key benefits:

Firstly, inspections are expected to be optimized, as they will be aimed at the areas of greatest need in terms of volume, or those which might have a more significant impact, responding to suspicions of possible irregularities.

The project also aims to establish a clear, complete, and objective overview of the gaming industry in the Basque Country. This will include the understanding the impact of gaming in the region, the identification of this sector’s demand, the ability to make relevant comparisons, and the understanding of the economic trends in this area.

Moreover, a continuous assessment of the gaming ecosystem in the Basque Country is sought, as this will allow for the adaptation of the rules and regulations, making them appropriate for the reality and needs at that moment.

This data analysis project promises to transform the way in which information related to the field of gaming in the Community is handled, providing tools to optimize times, improve data gathering, and allow for easier understanding of the same.