We are implementing the gender-based violence file management system in the Basque Country and the Ministry of the Interior

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We have been chosen by the Department of Security of the Basque Government to implement the interconnection of the gender-based violence systems of the Ministry of the Interior (Viogen) and the same system in the Basque Country (EBA).
The main goal of the development this project is to facilitate the collaboration between the Ertzaintza regional police and the Local Police forces in the Basque Country, alongside the Ministry of the Interior, as regards the information related to the people involved in the Gender-Based Violence files.  The data to be transferred will comprise reports, victims, sentences, and other crucial details; ensuring a full and complete overview for both parties.  This focus allows for the responses to this problem to be strengthened, guaranteeing protection and assistance of the victims, as well as the prosecution and neutralization of the assailants.
This environment of interconnection will allow for information to flow in both directions, even allowing the international data that the Ministry has to be accessed.  This is a substantial jump in the improvement of the EBA, the gender-based and domestic violence file management system of the Basque Country, which had already been developed and implemented in 2020 by Bilbomática, an Altia Company.