Utilities and Energy

The major players in this sector rely on us to carry out their activities.

We use our knowledge of technology and business to provide valuable solutions for the sector.

Utilities y Energía

We work with the main players in the utilities and energy sector (Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda; National Commission for Markets and Competition; Corporation of Strategic Reserves of Petroleum Products; Industrial Cooperative of Electrical Distributors, among others), and for many of them we are a key partner for carrying out activities.

Our key is having cross-disciplinary knowledge of technologies, sectors where they can be applied and solutions on the market, which enables us to tackle the challenge of designing and integrating solutions which bring added value to the sector, which we refer to as a whole as: Smart Integration.

Our valuable offer to the sector is based on:

  • Knowing how to optimise our horizontal knowledge and apply it specifically to the sector, maximising the benefits for the customer, whatever their objectives may be.
  • Providing solutions based on applications, not applications as solutions.
  • Providing teams of specialist IT technicians, ensuring that their knowledge is not just technical, but that they have also applied it to the areas of business in which they are going to be used.

Customers with whom we work in projects of Utilities and Energy

  • Sociedad cooperativa de distribuidores de energía eléctrica
  • Comisión nacional de los mercados y la competencia